Tasting Hong Kong

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Tasting Hong Kong, a series of two exhibitions plus workshops and concerts was the first visual art exhibition ever held at the Hong Kong International Airport. For the first exhibition, Tasting Hong Kong: Food, Community Art Network had invited 10 of most promising Hong Kong artists to visualize and conceptualize their ideas of food in Hong Kong. The result is a stunning combination of visual enchantment in a variety of forms from more traditional painting and photography to contemporary approach of installations and video artworks. The second Tasting Hong Kong: Toy exhibition focused more on physically sensual elements of our lives: games and amusement. Six artists gave very different interpretation of what recreation and game mean and had presented a wide range of fun and entertaining artworks.


In addition to these two art exhibitions, glass-making workshops were held at the venue to attract more audience participations and visits. Two Concerts were held in Terminal 2 with support from local indie bands, curated by guest-curator, Mr Yuen Chi Chung.  

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