About us 

Community Art Network (CAN) is an art organization devoted in serving the society through public art and community art. CAN is committed to the betterment of different communities through organizing, managing and promoting the enjoyment and creation of arts. CAN has extensive experience in curating visual art exhibitions and community outreach programmes. Members of CAN come from different backgrounds from visual art and design to sports event such as “Hong Kong Art Open Dialogue” Exhibition Series IV - Charming Experience”, “Hong Kong, Shenzhen city Biennale” in 2008, the Equestrian Events (Hong Kong) of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, film, video and theatre. This diversity within CAN plays the pivotal role when it comes to serve different communities and handle projects with multiple perspectives. For CAN, community is always at the heart of each project and CAN’s core value comes from serving the communities.


Since its inception, CAN has participated in artistic planning, administration, co-ordination works and audience building while handling professional exhibition space, as well as public spaces, such as parks, airports and even national venue of the Shanghai Expo. CAN has worked closely with different partners from more established artists, young art students to independent music groups, story-tellers and designers. CAN is confident that by making a harmonious liaison between different groups of people, a richer experience can be achieved among artists involved and participating audience.



Community Art Network aims to link up different communities and promote arts for public through different art medium including visual arts, performing arts and multi-media arts, and more, Different kinds of art activities will be held to build up a strong sense of network between communities, arouse people’s concern and their participation in arts, sharing the maxim of “Art is Life, life is Art”.



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