Free Space 2014

22/11/2014 – 23/11/2014


Community Art Network is dedicated to serving the community through promoting enjoyment and creation of arts. For the Freespace Fest 2014 a total experience is designed to bring an engaging arts experience for the audience, especially the family audience with young children. They will be immersed and interwoven by dual elements, namely the Bazaar and Back to Play.


The Bazaar is the hustling and bustling place where the invited artists and designers will sell or display their artworks tailored for the Freespace Fest goers. These artists and designers are invited to participate in an open-call and selected to fit the anticipation and ambiance of the whole Freespace Fest. Apart from having their respective displays, all participating artists and designers will have a chance to interact with a bigger group of audience and explain to them their artworks and conceptual ideas. Also some of the works here are linked to Back to Play, where participants will enjoy being back to basics. When people's interaction and communication are largely made either by digital device or through social media, an authentic human connection is desirable and worth to attain. Through simple and traditional games that are nostalgic to grown-ups, but nonetheless exciting and intriguing to children, we believe this connection is achievable.